Top 5 rules in finding the best local Painting contractor!

If you’re reading this article, it probably means you’re looking to hire someone to paint and create a beautiful interior for your residential or commercial building. The aesthetics of a room illustrates what type of person you are, so it’s important to find the right contractor to get the job done correctly. Most often, there are many great local contractors in your area, but you might find it hard to locate and contact them. Make sure you type in Painters near me to find the best local painting contractor. Just replace college station with your city name and you will see the top 3 contractors on the google map pack. Make sure you read the reviews to determine the best option.

Now, lets proceed to the top ten qualities you should look for in a local contractor.



Rule #1 – A high quality contractor will not force you to make a down payment or deposit in order to receive their services. This situation usually occurs when the contractor cannot afford to invest in purchasing the equipment and materials to paint your building. This is a major red flag because could also mean they have trouble paying their staff as well. This will result in poor service and possible disputes throughout the term.

Rule #2 – They have insurance

This might seem absurd, but many local contractors are not properly insured and this could lead to many problems throughout the job. There have been many cases of painting jobs that have gone wrong or ended with injury, and this is the last thing you want to worry about. Painting materials are often highly flammable and just screams danger. You want to be sure that you are not liable for any damage that could occur during the job.

Rule #3 – They are properly licensed

This goes without saying, but every contractor is required to have a state license in order to operate. You may see local contractors who do work without the proper paperwork and you want to avoid hiring them for your painting needs. It is legally required to have their state license posted on their website, so make sure to check out their website in order to confirm their professional status.

Rule #4 – Google Reviews

The great thing about google is that many customers and clients will leave reviews of their visits. This oftentimes is biased and that’s exactly what we want. You will see the good, the bad, and the ugly within customer reviews and will ultimately help you make the best choice when choosing to hire a painting contractor.

Rule #5 – Established for more than three years

This is predetermined number, but oftentimes it is important to know that your painting contractor has a few years of experience under their belt. If they display positive reviews and show their portfolio of previous work, this can help rest assure that they are a professional establishment and someone you could trust for the job.

Hopefully through these rules, you could get a better understanding of what to look for when trying to hire a local painting contractor.