Why you should try out Microblading!

If you know anything about permanent makeup, then you know how microblading is the hottest trend these days. Microblading is the art of semi-permanent makeup for your eyebrows. This means you don’t have to apply makeup every morning in order to get the perfect eyebrows!

Not only is it convenient, its not completely permanent either. If you decide you want to move on from your perfect eyebrows, simply just wait until it fades away.

Normally the process of microblading is simple. Just contact your local microblading business, such as Permanent makeup Houston in order to schedule an appointment and get details on the type of microblading you desire.

There are many different styles to choose from, such as your classic microblading, ombre microblading, micro feathering, micro shadow, and more. This means you get many different options to style your eyebrows the perfect way!

In order to get this natural look for your eyebrows, you should expect to make a small investment. Microblading is not cheap and should be considered a high-quality treatment. After you finish your treatment, your technician will schedule you for a follow-up in the following weeks. This is to ensure top quality for your eyebrows and to make sure everything is to your liking.

Afterwards, you can flaunt your perfect brows to the world for about one to three years, depending on the quality and quantity of touch-ups you receive.

Micro feathering is convenient for those who already like the shape of their eyebrows, but want to fill it in to get a fuller look.

This method is very similar to microblading, but utilizes your current shape in order to fill in the empty spots. Typically, this process requires more maintenance than the traditional microblading and requires a touch-up service. Depending on your skin type and how fast your skin recovers, your technician will apply additional strokes to ensure the highest quality result.

This type of semi-permanent makeup lasts much shorter than microblading and users should expect around eight to twelves months of micro feathering.

Micro shading is similar to microblading and micro feathering, but is more ideal for anyone who wants a fuller and thicker appearance. This method has been very popular within social media influencers and many celebrities. This method gives you eyebrows a powdered look and closely resembles something like eyebrow powder.

So, the different between these permanent makeup styles and preferences is ultimately up to the recipient. Depending on what sort of appearance you want for your eyebrows, you should consult with your licensed professional in order to get the best results.

Many local businesses offer these services, but you should be careful to choose the right technician. Semi-permanent makeup should be considered an art, and you should do some research in order to find the perfect artist for your needs. We have had the opportunity to get an interview with a local microblading artist named Tracy at Brows and Lashes and you can see her list of services on her website. She is a local microblading artist in Houston and has been doing Permanent makeup for the past 20 years. Just go type in Best microblading in Houston and you’ll quickly find out why she is the best!